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MCD Trans Source Consulting

Welcome to our expanded services.  Our industry experience equals over 95 years in transportation, including three TIA Certified Transportation Brokers.  We can assist with the criteria and challenges for improving your transportation profitability.

Please contact Donna J. Wood, CTB with details regarding these expanded services and your consulting needs.

Our Trans Source Mission

To assist companies with redefining, planning, implementing, and managing their business through an analytical approach, thereby enabling them to remain competitive in the changing transportation environment.

Available Trans Source Services:

  • Contract and Rate Agreement Review
    • Shipper Contracts
    • Broker Contracts and Confirmations
    • Identification of Possible Problem Issues
  • Insurance Liability and Benefits Review
    • Corporate Liability Policy; Cargo, General, Auto
    • Claim Mediation
    • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Education
    • Current Legislative Issues
    • Employee Training
    • Seminars
  • Safety Issues
    • Compliance Review
    • Driver Records
  • Accounting Procedure Review
    • Invoicing Procedures
    • POD Procedures
    • Credit Check Procedures
    • Collection Process
    • Payment Policy Development
    • Late Payment Statement
  • Profit Review and Cost Analysis
    • Present Operations Analysis
    • Marketing Proposal
    • Tracking Procedure and Analysis
  • System Evaluation and Software Selection

Trans Source Consulting Services warrants all information provided to Trans Source Consulting Services will remain confidential and at no time be shared without the prior approval of the company.