A Pyramid of Transportation Resources, A Licensed Property and Certified Transportation Broker, A DBE/WBE Certified Company

The Guidelines and Mission of MCD

The following mission statement was developed in the early years of MCD and is a constant inspiration to our employees.

To provide our customers with dependable transportation services based on fair and competitive pricing programs with an emphasis on customer service for all concerned parties. 

To be receptive to customers’ needs and react in a professional and timely manner. 

To first recognize God and then customers, carriers and vendors as our only assets for continued success. 

We Believe a Company is Known by 5 Qualities

What it represents
What it gives
What its employees say
Customer Service:
What it does
What the owners believe

Golden Rules of Shipping

Steps to a Good Working Relationship*

  1. Know the company you are dealing with.  Establish criteria that must be met by the parties with whom you will have a business transaction.  Create a check list and use it every time you establish a new relationship.
  2. Create a procedure for tracking the performance of the companies with which you establish a relationship.  Review performance often.
  3. Take action early if things begin to go wrong.  Line staff must communicate recurring problems to management.
  4. Make sure there are no surprises!  Be willing to convey why you need information so people can be supportive and participatory.
  5. Provide load confirmation in a timely manner -15 to 30 minutes.  Minimum information: Consignor/Consignee; Origin/Destination; Commodity; Value; Rate; Pick-up & Delivery Schedule; Pallet Considerations; Any Special Requirements. Immediately return Rate Agreement.
  6. Immediately convey “Change” information.  Time is of the essence.  People can generally accommodate changes if enough notice is given.
  7. Be a role model in developing co-operative service attitudes.  Provide proper training so employees can be effective problem-solvers.
  8. Provide accurate invoices promptly.  Provide Proof of Deliveries as requested.
  9. Carriers and intermediaries should provide 24 hour access to each other.
  10. Appreciate the skills, experience and professionalism brought to each transaction by all involved parties.  Express this appreciation sincerely and frequently.
  11. Be straightforward in all contractual and financial matters.

*Principles established during Joint Trust Forum between Transportation Brokers Conference of America and National Association of Small Trucking Companies, Nashville, Tennessee, 1994.

MCD Transportation owners and employees are committed to maintaining the very highest standards of honest business practices.  We invite you to call or write us for more information on how we can respond to your business’s transportation requirements.